Dark spots and sun exposure

Dark spots and sun exposure

What to do in case of dark spots on the face or skin?

Dark spots are caused by an excessive production of localized melanin, called hyperpigmentation. Prolonged exposure to the sun throughout one’s life, and especially sunburns, tend to favor their appearance.

Why do dark spots appear on the face and skin?

The appearance of pigmentation spots is triggered by the skin’s defense mechanisms against sunburn. Indeed, to protect itself from UV radiations, the skin tans by producing melanin. After years in the sunshine or following prolonged exposure, melanocytes can produce a local surplus of melanin, which creates dark spots. So as you can see, the appearance of sunspots, dark spots, lentigo or pigment spots on the face, neck and décolleté as well as on the hands, is directly linked to the duration and frequency of sun exposure without adequate protection.

Furthermore, some skin phototypes are more prone to hyperpigmentation than others. Dark spots are obviously more visible on very light skins, and they tend to appear more frequently on Asian skins and affect specific areas on darker skins.

Dark spots and sun exposure: it all happens before the age of 20

A little known – but very important – fact is that sunburns during childhood are known to favor the appearance of pigmentation spots later on!

That’s why it’s essential to protect children from the sun at a very early age, and it is recommended to use a special sunscreen that acts on the mechanisms that lead to dark spots.

Which cream to prevent and remove dark spots?

An adapted sun protection is key to prevent the appearance of dark spots.

Use a very high protection sunscreen to prevent dark spots, to avoid accentuating existing ones and even brighten them.

Institut Esthederm researchers have developed two sun protection products that prevent the appearance of dark spots on the face and body, and help reduce those already visible.

Photo Reverse anti-dark spot cream for face and body

photo reversephoto reverse

The dual action of PHOTO REVERSE effectively reverses the pigmentation process, gradually fading out existing hyperpigmentation and preventing the appearance of new dark spots due to sun exposure.

Based on patented technology, our Photo Reverse sun care is water resistant and protects the skin from damage caused by UVA, UVB, infrared and invisible light.

Tests carried out on 30 women - aged between 25 and 65 - with pigmentation spots showed a lightening of their spots, in the order of +8% after 28 days and +12% after 8 weeks. 90% of them also reported a lighter, more even skin tone*.

Photo Reverse is now available in two versions, regular and tinted light beige, to suit your preference. It immediately gives a healthy glow, smoothes and evens out the complexion and protects the skin from blue light, a factor contributing to hyperpigmentation.

*Test carried out in South Africa on 30 women - aged between 25 and 65 - with pigmentation spots. Application of Photo Reverse cream under normal conditions on the face, neck and décolleté at least once a day (until day 12), then at least twice a day and every 2 hours in case of sun exposure for 8 weeks (May 2019, Institut d’expertise clinique (IEC) – Lyon, France).

Enjoy your tan without accentuating pigmentation spots with PHOTO REGUL

photo regulphoto regul

By acting on the skin’s pigmentation mechanisms, PHOTO REGUL unifying protective care helps the skin tan whilst preventing the appearance of dark spots.

It increases melanin production for an even and long-lasting tan.

And it acts directly on the mechanisms of hyperpigmented areas to prevent existing spots from darkening and reduce their contrast with the skin.

Photo Regul sun care guarantees a smooth and even tan as well as a completely safe exposure thanks to Adaptasun technology.

Clinically proven effectiveness
Clinically proven effectiveness
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
Award-winning science-led French brand
Award-winning science-led French brand
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