Deep wrinkles, loss of firmness: what are your skin's needs?

Deep wrinkles, loss of firmness: what are your skin's needs?

With the loss of collagen and elastin over time, the face’s muscles and tissues distend, lose their volume and their ability to hold the skin firmly and harmoniously, causing sagging and deeper wrinkles. Although the skin’s aging process is natural and inevitable, it is possible to take preventive action and fight it effectively with routines and care adapted to your skin’s specific needs.


Deep wrinkles, loss of firmness: How does the skin change?

At midlife, the loss of density in the dermis becomes apparent. The skin is thinner, less toned and tends to slacken. As a consequence, new wrinkles appear and existing ones become more pronounced, and as the loss of firmness and elasticity increases, the skin becomes less radiant and a sagging of the facial contours starts to appear... In short, age is beginning to show.

To maintain its vitality, the skin needs a helping hand. And that starts with adjusting your beauty routine.

Treating wrinkles and firming up the skin: What steps should your beauty routine include?

Step 1: Cleansing, the first – and most important – beauty step

We can’t stress this enough: cleansing must be the first step in any beauty routine. Indeed, cleansing your skin before applying skin care products helps reinforce their effectiveness. Whatever your age, cleansing must become an all-important habit.

However, with the skin becoming thinner and drier, more gentle care is needed. So, depending on your preferences, you can opt for a gentle cleanser to bring comfort while strengthening the cutaneous barrier.

Once your skin is perfectly cleansed, you should turn to our LIFT & REPAIR range.

These skin care products help reduce wrinkles and improve firmness for a visibly toned face: smoothed wrinkles, lifted features, and a reshaped oval of the face.

Enjoy guaranteed effectiveness with our Institut Esthederm products: based on innovative and patented technologies they repair the surface and act deep within the tissues to strengthen the structure of the face and enhance facial contours.

The patented Time Control System slows down the aging process by optimizing the cells’ energy production and strengthening the skin’s anti-oxidant defenses.

The Lift Technology smoothes microrelief and strengthens the epidermis structure.

The Repair Technology stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Encapsulated hyaluronic acid helps reduce facial wrinkles with an immediate plumping effect.

serum lift & repair happy ageingserum lift & repair happy ageing

Step 2: The serum, a concentrate of benefits

It’s now time to move on to lifting care! And the best way to start is with an anti-wrinkle serum. This care product is a genuine must-have as it repairs, lifts, firms, brightens and protects the skin.

Looking for the perfect serum? Opt for our Lift & Repair Absolute Tightening Serum, which instantly and durably tones the skin for a plumping effect.

The result: lifted skin and smoothed wrinkles. To be used without moderation, morning and evening, on clean, dry skin of the face, neck and décolleté, on its own or paired with a suitable moisturizer.

Step 3: The anti-wrinkle cream, a robust protective shield

For maximum effectiveness, combine your serum with an anti-wrinkle cream. Indeed, after the age of 40, applying a moisturizing and anti-wrinkle cream in the mornings and evenings becomes paramount.

Discover the many benefits of our Lift & Repair Absolute Smoothing Cream. Thanks to its immediate tightening effect, it smoothes facial features, sculpts the contours, immediately and durably reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and brightens the complexion.

The ultimate ally for a radiant face and fresh complexion!

Bonus tip: use this opportunity to gently massage your skin and apply the treatment more thoroughly. These gestures not only activate microcirculation and boost cell renewal, but can also increase the effectiveness of your skin care products and smooth out your features. A little extra time worth taking, don’t you think?

Are you prone to dryness? Enjoy the velvety and melting texture of our Lift & Repair Absolute Repulp Balm. This triple-action treatment immediately plumps, comforts and lifts the skin. When comfort and nutrition become one!

crème lift & repair happy ageingcrème lift & repair happy ageing
contour des yeux lift & repair happy ageingcontour des yeux lift & repair happy ageing

Step 4: The eye contour area, for an unparalleled “Healthy Aging” ally

The eye contour area is the most expressive part of the face, but also the most delicate, fragile and sensitive. Every day, the skin around the eyes is subjected to our various emotions and expressions. In that area, dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines can appear quickly.

Just like a moisturizing facial, the special eye contour care moisturizes the skin while responding to targeted problems. This is why this area requires a specific anti-wrinkle treatment.

Our Lift & Repair Eye Contour Smoothing Care is THE care you need! With its fresh gel texture, it smoothes and diminishes wrinkles and crow’s feet upon application. The result: the eye contour area looks firmer, brighter and younger.

Little extras that can make all the difference

You still love to party but can’t handle it as well as you did when you were a teenager? Our Lift & Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches are sure to become your best allies! These multi-action patches can be used as a 30-day or an SOS treatment before or after a long night for a quick radiance boost. They are very effective against puffiness, dark circles, sagging and signs of fatigue!

Serum, cream, balm, eye contour, patches, mask... As you can see, the Lift & Repair line is a complete range of products that smoothes out wrinkles, plumps up the face and gives firm and radiant skin. Cherish your skin and it will be forever grateful!



patch contour des yeux lift & repair happy ageingpatch contour des yeux lift & repair happy ageing
Clinically proven effectiveness
Clinically proven effectiveness
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At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
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Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
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