The microbiome, your greatest ally for a healthy skin!

The microbiome, your greatest ally for a healthy skin!

Your skin is an ecosystem as rich as the Amazon rainforest. This ecosystem is called the skin flora or microbiome, and is made up of a range of microorganisms called the microbiota, with 100,000 billion bacteria and other microorganisms (fungi, yeast, viruses, etc.).

Here are three interesting facts about the skin flora:

- Each individual has a unique microbiota, which is the equivalent of a fingerprint

- 50% of the cells in the human body are microbial cells

- 1 billion bacteria can be found on 1 square centimeter of skin

This ecosystem has been your great ally since birth, keeping your skin healthy by acting as a shield against pathogenic bacteria that could negatively affect its balance.

A living barrier that works with your skin…

Our skin flora lives in symbiosis with the skin. There bacteria can multiply, but they also support the epidermis. Indeed, our microbiota is especially useful as:


A natural bactericide: many cutaneous bacteria, known as commensal bacteria (interacting with a healthy skin), are capable of producing bactericide “proteins” as defense against undesirable germs. This is the case of Staphylococcus epidermidis, which produces peptides capable of inhibiting the growth of other species such as Staphylococcus aureus.

A natural immunity booster: some of these proteins are capable of attracting the skin’s immune cells and enhancing the potency of defense molecules produced by the skin itself.

A pH adjuster: by producing an acid that lowers the skin’s pH to prevent the development of certain microorganisms.

An effective protection against atmospheric pollutants and UV radiations: these 2 external factors are similar in the sense they both generate “reactive oxygen species” (ROS), molecules that are highly toxic for our microbiota and cells in the epidermis. However certain bacteria in the skin microbiota are capable of degrading these ROS thanks to enzymes that they specifically synthesize when confronted with such molecules. Against UV radiations, the bacteria of our microbiota produce antioxidants and repair molecules to protect themselves, which also benefits the skin.


However skin damage can occur in case of imbalance: inflammation, dandruff, eczema or even acne.

How can I preserve my microbiome?

At Institut Esthederm, we understand the importance of preserving the skin microbiota’s diversity, which is why we’ve created biomimetic skin care products to help you do just that.

We have formulated a unique, patented, biomimetic cellular water that is as close as possible to the water found in the skin, which can be found in our Cellular Water Mist and Cellular Water products.

Cellular Water Mist, a microbiome-friendly formula!


Blending perfectly with the skin, Cellular Water Mist replicates the characteristics of water naturally contained in the skin.

It adheres to the three key parameters that define physiological fluids:

  • a pH that contributes to the barrier function and microbial defense,
  • an oxidation-reduction potential that ensures antioxidant protection
  • a concentration of mineral salts that guarantees the balance of intercellular exchanges.



Cellular Water Mist reinforces the skin’s natural antioxidant defenses to help protect it from all forms of free radicals, which are the main contributing factor when it comes to environmental skin aging.




Cellular Water Mist is a source of numerous pure biomimetic molecules (hyaluronic acid, peptides, mineral salts, etc.), creating an ideal environment for cells, and optimizing their viability and morphology.

Clinically proven effectiveness
Clinically proven effectiveness
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
Award-winning science-led French brand
Award-winning science-led French brand
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