What are the signs of skin aging and what are our solutions?

What are the signs of skin aging and what are our solutions?

Aging affects the whole body, and our skin is especially exposed.

How can we take care of our skin at the first signs of aging? Wrinkles, fine lines, loss of radiance, sagging, pigmentation spots are all signs of aging. What are the causes behind it? And how exactly does this process occur within the skin? What can we do and what routine can we establish to make our skin stronger, younger, and more beautiful? Here are some of Institut Esthederm’s key principles.

What are the signs of skin aging?

The first sign of skin aging: trans-epidermal water loss

Water is stored on the surface in the epidermis but also deep in the dermis due to a large sponge-like molecule called hyaluronic acid. At age 50, there is no more hyaluronic acid in the epidermis and only half of its original quantity remains in the dermis. This loss of epidermal and dermal water leads to dehydration of the skin, which can cause dehydration lines to appear.

Les signes du vieillissement cutanéLes signes du vieillissement cutané

Wrinkles and loss of firmness have the same origin: alteration of the dermis. Trans-epidermal water loss is only made worse by the alteration of the dermis’ structure, which essentially consists of proteins (collagen, elastin, etc.) that make up the fibrous framework of the skin tissue.

Expression wrinkles have muscular origin (forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, etc.): they are caused by the tension of muscles that put a lot of strain on the skin and create areas of hollowing of the tissues.

Sagging of the oval of the face is due to gravity. It affects the entire face and occurs later, when the loss of muscle tone and the loss of skin volume are more significant.

Dryness is more pronounced with age because the skin produces less sebum and loses its ability to retain water. In addition, hormonal deprivation, which aggravates the signs, begins around the menopause.

Spots and loss of radiance are caused by the environment: repeated unprotected exposure to the sun, pollutants, smoke, etc. creates micro-inflammations that disrupt the pigment cells.

How to firm up the skin as you age?

Adopt a routine adapted to your skin’s needs as early as possible and provide your skin with the right molecules twice a day every day. You can also supplement your routine with treatments and massages for which your esthetician will show you the essential Institut Esthederm gestures.

Institut Esthederm supports your skin’s youthfulness over the long term

Cleansing is the first and most important step to a youthful skin

Impurities and pollution are pro-inflammatory agents that generate oxidation and accelerate the aging process. Deep cleansing is therefore essential, provided that the skin and the bacteria that protect it – known as the microbiome – are respected. At Institut Esthederm, we are very particular about it and call it “skin preparation”: it is a sort of cleansing gymnastics that stimulate the skin and prepare it to receive the treatments’ active ingredients.


On a daily basis, your skin needs water, which provides hydration AND antioxidants

Living and breathing produces energy. This energy involves oxygen and its oxidizing free radicals, whose balance must be managed. Young skin is perfectly capable of keeping them in check, but with time and external aggressions, it gradually loses its ability to adapt as quickly. That’s why it becomes necessary to give the skin an antioxidant boost to support it in the long term. That’s exactly what Cellular Water does. This patented innovation is included in the formula of all Institut Esthederm products and makes them 100% active. It’s simple: Cellular Water is rich in antioxidants and beneficial molecules for stronger and healthier cells. Your skin doesn’t have an age, but rather needs that evolve over time and seasons. And whilst age is a relevant indicator, your skin doesn’t necessarily reflect it to the dot. Your skincare routine must be adapted to your lifestyle and accurately meet your specific needs: dehydration, nutrition, wrinkles, dullness, sagging, etc., no matter your age. Institut Esthederm researchers have developed patented synergies of active ingredients that protect your skin’s youthfulness over time. Our effective formulas combine with the sensoriality of textures to offer premium product ranges adapted to the needs of every skin, backed by scientific evidence.


Firm up your body’s skin

Whilst the body is generally better preserved from aging, the skin does evolve differently depending on the areas:

The legs and the outside of the arms are more sensitive to skin drying. In that case, nourishing oils enriched in essential fatty acids are most appropriate.

The inside of the arms and thighs as well as the stomach are the areas most prone to sagging. In that case, you might want to replace your body moisturizer with a firming care, which helps compensate for the loss of volume in the dermis.

For dimpled skin and bumpy orange peel skin, a specific treatment or an energy-activating treatment applied all year round on affected areas can visibly improve the skin’s appearance. And textures are key: a product used with pleasure is the best guarantee of a smooth application and effective results! Moisturizing, slimming, firming, exfoliating: Institut Esthederm’s body care products are designed to meet the needs of every area by relying on expert technologies and proven results.

Clinically proven effectiveness
Clinically proven effectiveness
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
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Award-winning science-led French brand
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