Why you should use a Vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentation-prone skin?

Why you should use a Vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentation-prone skin?

Over time, dark spots can appear on the face and body, especially with frequent exposure to the sun. Although not a health concern, these spots are a visible marker of age. They can also appear due to a hormonal disorder, post-inflammatory reaction or even a pathology. The result is the same: an uneven skin tone that lacks radiance. So, what can be done to avoid them? And how can they be corrected without damaging the skin?

Pigmentation spots or dark spots, what exactly are we talking about?

The skin’s pigmentation defines its natural color and depends on the level of melanin it contains. Every time you are exposed to the sun, your skin produces melanin thanks to cells called melanocytes and the action of an enzyme called tyrosinase. This melanin then rises from the deep layers of the skin to the surface in a few days and spreads out evenly to protect the epidermis from UV radiations. This is the tanning process, a natural self-defense reaction.

Over time, the melanin production mechanism can go awry: either the melanocytes produce too much melanin, even with very little UV exposure, or the melanin is unevenly distributed across the skin. Pigmentation spots (dark spots or lentigos) can appear, especially on the areas most frequently exposed to the sun such as the face, décolleté, shoulders, hands and arms.

Recognize the different types of pigmentation spots

Dark spots can have different causes, even if their manifestations look similar.

Dark spots, solar lentigos or actinic keratosis are easily recognizable due to their round and flat appearance, and materialize on the face and body after repeated and prolonged exposure. Often called age spots or senile lentigo, they tend to multiply with age but are essentially caused by the sun. This visible sign of cellular aging particularly affects very fair skin from the age of 50.

Dark spots related to hormonal disturbances such as melasma (also known as chloasma or pregnancy mask) are caused by an excess of estrogen during pregnancy or when taking an oral contraceptive. The overproduction of melanin creates hyperpigmented areas forming a “mask”, which can start at the top of the face and extend to the contour of the scalp.


How to prevent the appearance of dark spots?

To preserve your skin’s radiance, prevention is absolutely key and relies on a few simple yet proven habits:

Sun protection:

Systematic use of sunscreen effectively protects your face and body from UVA and UVB. Institut Esthederm sun care products provide broad-spectrum protection, safeguarding your cells from damage caused by UVA and UVB rays as well as infrared and visible light. Be sure to choose a sun care product that is adapted to your skin type and the expected sun intensity.


They preserve cells from oxidation caused by the free radicals formed by UV rays, one of the major causes of premature skin aging. On a daily basis, you can use the Cellular Water Mist and supplement it with a treatment of the brand-new Intensive Vitamin C² serum.

  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: dark spots can appear on acne scars, but also after surgery if the area concerned is exposed to the sun prematurely, before complete healing.
  • Lighter spots: these hypopigmentation spots are caused by the underproduction of melanin due to diseases such as albinism or vitiligo.

The corrective power of fresh vitamin C against dark spots on the face

When they are very visible, on the face for instance, dark spots can be difficult to accept. With the brand-new Intensive Vitamin C² serum, Institut Esthederm provides an innovative solution, combining for the very first time two forms of vitamin C in a serum for immediate and sustained effectiveness on spots and radiance.

The unique power of vitamin C on dark spots

Why is vitamin C so potent against dark spots? An all-important molecule in dermatology, vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) has become a star ingredient in facial routines. It confers exceptional radiance to the skin and has proven to be a powerful ally against dark spots. Praised by dermatologists, vitamin C has convinced countless women around the world thanks to its numerous benefits.


  • Vitamin C acts on tyrosinase, a key enzyme behind melanin production. By lowering tyrosinase levels, it limits the formation of melanin clusters, and thus dark spots.
  • Vitamin C has a lightening effect, which significantly reduces pigmentation spots caused by the sun or aging.


  • Vitamin C stimulates the immune system and neutralizes the free radicals responsible for accelerating the aging process. The skin barrier is strengthened and the epidermis is better protected from external aggressors such as UV radiations and pollution.
  • Its antioxidant power has a photoprotective action against UVA and UVB rays.


  • Vitamin C can influence cell differentiation and modify the structure of the skin to give it a more even and unified appearance.
  • It supports the function of skin cells and boosts the reconstruction of the epidermis, which makes it a formidable ally for healing.
  • It supports the production of collagen and slows down its degradation.

A new approach to the treatment of dark spots

Vitamin C has exceptional properties that have been widely proven to reduce dark spots. However, it is a very fragile vitamin that becomes unstable and degrades rapidly when in contact with water, light and oxygen. This is why it is very difficult to integrate into a skin care formula. So, how can we leverage its full power? Our experts have managed to stabilize and control vitamin C in an innovative anti-spot formula. Highly concentrated, the Intensive Vitamin C² serum acts on existing pigmentation spots and prevents new ones from appearing.



Intensive Vitamin C² serum, a double dose of effectiveness and innovation The most effective active ingredients against dark spots

For the first time, Institut Esthederm has combined two forms of vitamin C in a formula specially designed to preserve its exceptional properties.

The Intensive Vitamin C² serum combats the root causes of pigmentation spots and supports the skin’s natural mechanisms to help it regain its radiance: an unprecedented dual effectiveness that perfectly respects the skin’s ecosystem. Its unique combination of active ingredients lends this serum an exceptional corrective power.



  1. Pure vitamin C, in the form of ascorbic acid for immediate effectiveness
    • Ascorbic acid is naturally present in the skin. Its antioxidant power regulates skin pigmentation and has a smoothing effect for beautiful and youthful skin.
    • Because vitamin C degrades so quickly in the presence of water, the Intensive Vitamin C² serum contains ascorbic acid in powder form, mixed into the emulsion at the very last stage of production to preserve its freshness and effectiveness.
  1. Pro-vitamin C in the form of ascorbyl glucoside for a prolonged action
    • Selected by Institut Esthederm researchers, this form of vitamin C is perfectly stable.
    • Once in contact with the skin, pro-vitamin C is transformed into ascorbic acid and then continuously released into the epidermis.
  1. The iconic Esthederm Cellular Water, a biomimetic water that closely resembles the skin’s water composition
    • An active water that is unique in the world of cosmetics, Esthederm Cellular Water is formulated with the utmost precision to reproduce the biological features of water naturally present in the skin.
    • It allows Institut Esthederm’s skin care products to act in perfect affinity with the skin and to stimulate the cellular mechanisms that preserve its youthfulness.

Intensive Vitamin C² serum, a 100% fresh and pure formula

Featuring a new double-compartment bottle to preserve the formula’s purity and freshness until the first use

Pure vitamin C is mixed with pro-vitamin C right before the first use so your skin can reap maximum benefits for the first 14 days.

4 steps to activate your serum:

  1. Remove the seal under the bottle
  2. Apply pressure to the bottom of the bottle to release the vitamin C powder
  3. Shake the bottle to get a homogeneous mixture
  4. Squeeze the bottom of the bottle to use the serum

A new anti-spot skin care routine

If your complexion lacks radiance and shows irregularities, or if you have pigmentation spots on the face, adapting your skin care routine is a priority. Anti-spot dermatological treatments can be effective, but are often aggressive for the skin. Used on its own or as a complement to aesthetic treatments, the brand-new Intensive Vitamin C² serum can be used as a 14-day treatment, and repeated once ideally.

Intensive Vitamin C² serum + Vitamin C Gel-Cream

the star duo of anti-dark spot and radiance promoting skin care

For an antioxidant boost and intensive corrective effect, the Intensive Vitamin C² serum is applied morning and night, just before the Vitamin C Gel-Cream.


How to apply the Intensive Vitamin C² serum + Vitamin C Gel-Cream care routine?

  • In the morning and evening, use the Intensive Vitamin C² serum + Vitamin C Gel-Cream duo on cleansed and thoroughly dried skin.
  • First apply the Intensive Vitamin C² serum with circular movements on the whole face. Its fresh and airy texture penetrates quickly into the skin.
  • Follow up with the Vitamin C Gel-Cream. Its melting texture provides a fresh and pleasant sensation during application. Used twice a day, it helps the skin regain its radiance. Smoothing and beautifying, the Intensive Vitamin C² serum + Vitamin C Gel-Cream duo attenuates existing pigmentation spots and restores the radiance of dull and tired complexions.

Our tip: carry a treatment with at least 2 bottles of serum to leverage the full potential of vitamin C. Effectively diminish dark spots, restore radiance and boost the skin’s smoothness.

Proven effectiveness – Reduce dark spots, boost radiance and smoothness

After 14 days, the skin is visibly more beautiful and more than 9 out of 10 women find it transformed. They report:

- A reduction in dark spots: 96%**

- A more radiant and even skin tone: 97%**

- A smoother skin: 100%**


After 6 weeks of use, tests carried out under dermatological control revealed the following:


  • The intensity of dark spots is reduced by 45%*.


  • The skin’s radiance is increase by 44%*.


  • Crow’s feet are smoothed out by 48%*.

*References: *Clinical testing carried out on 30 women aged 31 to 65, phototypes 2 and 3, all skin types, 100% sensitive skin, with dull and uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. **Use test, 30 volunteers with blemishes and uneven skin tones, % satisfied after 14 days of use with 2 applications per day.

Clinically proven effectiveness
Clinically proven effectiveness
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
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Award-winning science-led French brand
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