Lack of density and comfort: what are your skin's needs?

Lack of density and comfort: what are your skin's needs?

Loss of density, lack of comfort, dull complexion... Over time, a woman’s skin experiences significant changes related to menopause.

The loss of density is characterized by thinner, drier and more fragile skin, along with deeper wrinkles and a less radiant complexion. That’s why it’s essential to take care of your skin by adapting your daily beauty routine.

Loss of density, comfort and radiance: how does the skin change?

The changes brought upon by menopause accelerate the cellular aging process. The skin becomes thinner, drier and rougher. A feeling of tightness is caused by the alteration of the stratum corneum.

As a result, existing wrinkles can become more pronounced whilst new ones appear. The skin loses its density and starts sagging. And the complexion becomes increasingly dull.

Skin aging is inevitable but it is possible to slow it down so you can feel good about yourself no matter your age! If you have been taking care of your skin since your thirties, it will definitely thank you at menopause. On the other hand, if your skin has not been a priority until now, we invite you to follow all our “Happy Aging” tips without delay!

Redensify and nourish your skin: what steps should your beauty routine include?

Step 1: cleansing, the first – and most important – beauty step

Whatever your age and your skin’s needs, cleansing must be the very first step in your beauty ritual. Cleansing your skin in the morning helps you remove perspiration and sebum secreted during the night. A real freshness boost to start the day!

However be sure to cleanse your skin with a care product adapted to its needs.

For this routine, discover the ideal skin care product line with EXCELLAGE, the science of excellence.

Inspired by Naos ecobiological approach, the Excellage range is a genuine concentrate of skincare efficacy and indulgence.

This range:

Allows cells to better communicate with each other to help recover tissue cohesion and dermal density;

Nourishes intensely and durably;

Redensifies the skin and restores comfort.

EXCELLAGE products use ingredients carefully selected for optimal effectiveness:

Smart polysaccharide, which boosts cellular communication.

Camellia oil, rich in omega 3-6-9, which intensely nourishes the skin and strengthens the cohesion of the epidermis lipid network.

Vitamin PP, which stimulates the skin’s ability to synthetize lipids.

Glycobiopolymer, which visibly improves the skin’s texture and revives its natural radiance.

contour des yeux Excellagecontour des yeux Excellage

Step 2: the eye contour, a key ally

Tired eyes, sagging eyelids, wrinkles, bags, dark circles: the eye contour is an ultra-sensitive area that requires special attention, and therefore appropriate care.

A special eye contour care has many properties: moisturizing, soothing and draining.

Haven’t found your favorite eye contour yet? Discover our Excellage Eye Contour Care with its silky texture and powdery touch, so characteristic of the Excellage range. It nourishes intensely and restores radiance to the eye contour.

The result: denser and more rested, the eyes look bigger and younger.

Step 3: targeted moisturizing care, a must-have

Moisturizing is another essential step because after cleansing, the protective hydrolipidic film is weakened and tends to dehydrate very quickly. It is therefore necessary to reinforce this fine superficial layer whilst also keeping it soft and elastic. This is where the moisturizer comes in, as it can compensate for the skin’s natural water loss as well as protect it from external aggressions (pollution, UV radiations, oxidative stress, etc.). A moisturizing cream is typically applied just after the serum.

Do you prefer melting, creamy textures? Opt for the Excellage Cream, which intensely and durably nourishes, redensifies and restores comfort to the skin. Just like the serum, its powdery floral fragrance is impossible to resist! This cream is intended for all skin types, even sensitive skins.

However if your skin is dry (or very dry), you should turn to the new Excellage Balm-Cream. With its ultra-nourishing “cocooning” balm texture, this treatment intensely and durably nourishes the skin, whilst restoring its radiance.


crème et crème-baume excellagecrème et crème-baume excellage
sérum excellagesérum excellage

Step 4: the serum, a revitalizing cocktail

The serum should be applied just before your moisturizer. This “Happy Aging” must-have has many virtues as it is designed to visibly firm and revitalize the skin.

Choose a serum that is rich in vegetable oils (jojoba or sweet almond) and contains fatty acids that can restore comfort and suppleness to the skin.

Want a velvety texture and a powdery feel? Opt for our Excellage Serum, which restores radiance and evens the skin tone, whilst durably nourishing the skin. And its powdery floral fragrance is always a much welcome bonus!


Clinically proven effectiveness
Clinically proven effectiveness
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
At-home SPA luxurious pampering textures
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Mimicking professional aesthetic treatments
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Award-winning science-led French brand
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